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Typical week with a 16 month old

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Lucyannieamy Wed 31-Aug-11 23:16:04

I'm back at work full time but have some holiday coming. I'll have DD away from the childminder but at home. DH is a teacher, back at work next week. I was off for 10 months with her and still in vague contact with some other mums. I never really worked out what you were supposed to do all day, is it really just laundry and cleaning and cooking and poo? Would love to know what your days are like. If you know of any blogs/ threads then post them too, thanks

pacsirta Thu 01-Sep-11 22:41:03

Hi, I started a thread a few days ago, almost identical:
A day in the life of your 16 months old or similar... Please, contribute!
Find in this (parenting) section.
I hope it helps.

mrshotrod Sat 03-Sep-11 22:17:29

Pram walks, charity shops trawl- (20p buys buggy occupant a small toy car and ammuses them while you shop), cafe.... can be fun with just you and messy baby/toddler. Feeding ducks (dull I know but they like it) museum. I always have to go out or the lack of being able to finish (or start) anything in the house totally does my nut in.
I hate wet days for this reason.
Some days mind you, are just rubbish if your little charge is being a right pain in the arse. On those days, nothing is good. Wait till you've got her in bed and eat something naughty and go on Ebay or something. Works for me.

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