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Aaargh, what to do when one still wants to share a bedroom and the other doesn't?

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CurlyhairedAssassin Tue 30-Aug-11 21:48:06

I've got 2 sons age 5 and 7. The eldest is starting to snore at night something chronic and it keeps his brother awake so now he doesn't want to share a bedroom anymore. (they are in bunk beds). But ds1 is distraught at losing out on the fun times they have together at bedtime with their little chats and jokes they tell each other. I think he would struggle to be in a bedroom on his own and then we'd have problems with HIM saying he's lonely and scared to be on his own etc and not being able to go to sleep.

What do i do?! We're going to the doc's tomorrow to check out the snoring business ( it is very loud sometimes, you can hear him from the next room) so I do have sympathy with ds2 as their dad is terrible with his snoring but obviously I just have to put up with that.

Ideally I would prefer them to share a room for another couple of years as our third bedroom is like a playroom for them, we don't have much room downstairs for toys so they are kept in the spare bedroom and the boys play with their friends in there. Plus we bought bunk bed especially only 2 years ago, seems a bit of a shame to have them separate already. But if the gp says there's not much we can do about the snoring then I can see separating them being the only answer.

Hassled Tue 30-Aug-11 21:52:45

No real help but I'm in a similar position with my DS3 and DS2 - now DS1 has left home we have a spare bedroom, which of course DS2 (13) wants (and can have, as far as I'm concerned), but DS3 is distraught - he's never slept in a room on his own before. It's a very Big Deal as far as he's concerned. We're alternating nights at the moment in a bid to get him used to it - would that work for you for a while?

Hope you can get the snoring sorted - apart from the noise for the rest of you, it must be affecting the quality of your DS1's sleep.

CurlyhairedAssassin Tue 30-Aug-11 22:13:19

How old is your ds3?

Yes, alternating could be a way forward for us, it would be worth a try. Oh hang on, we don't have a bed in the spare bedroom at the moment somonce the bunks were separated the kids would have to be too, from the off. Doh.

I think you could be right about the quality of ds1's sleep, he quite,often seems to be lolling about with less energy than you'd expect in a 7 year old who'd had 11 hours sleep! Will see what the gp says. It started to be really bad on holiday this year,he'd just got over a cold and was still a bit snotty. God, the noise was dreadful! Dh tried sleeping in with him but it kept him awake and he's a heavy sleeper! At least he knows what I have to put up with most nights now with HIM!

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