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Walking in a winter wonderland

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zaarin2003 Tue 30-Aug-11 15:34:16


As winter fast approaches (ok, so I'm a pessimist - I realise its only August!); I'm starting to wonder how our walks with our twins (4 mo) will be affected. They will be 7 mo in December.

Walks really come in handy for when they have become overtired, as they drop right off when put in their slings in particular. But if it is really cold, i.e. frost, wind or snow even, is that a concern? Is there a danger a little baby can get frostbite for example? If I feel cold in my wooly coat, does that mean its not safe for someone so much smaller? Or is it as simple as just wrapping them up warm and its then fine to get out as much as usual (without having to find somewhere warm to shelter every 5mins).

I'm talking normal London winter here, rather than the North Pole of course. ;-)


trixie123 Wed 31-Aug-11 20:59:04

really really don't worry. They have babies in places like Canada you know, where it gets significantly colder. I saw a baby last week in SNOWSUIT in AUGUST! what they hell are they going to put her in when it does snow? Layers are best - I used to put DS in an all-in -one under his clothes and then a fleecy coat. He had a snowsuit but only used it about twice. They will be too bulky to use with a sling I would think. Don't forget they get body-heat from you. DS had a great fleecy all in one thing with a hood. If in a pushchair, just get a nice footmuff / cosytoes and find hats that they don't/can't rip off (this may take a while!). Also, don't fret about their hands - mittens that stay on are like the holy grail! I did get some very sweet little fleece booties from Muddy Puddles that stayed on well.

ticklebumpkin Wed 31-Aug-11 21:05:41

Are you slinging them separately - i.e. one sling to one parent?

I'm not really into slings so don't know much about them but our NCT group bought a fleecey jacket thing that fits over the baby and has a hole for their head to poke out for one of our group who had an autumn baby.

I'm not explaining it very well....It's like '' this]]

ticklebumpkin Wed 31-Aug-11 21:05:51


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