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Periods-any book recommendations for informing 9 year old DD

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wolveschick Tue 30-Aug-11 10:47:11

DD1 about to start new school with older pupils so am sure will be period paraphenalia in toilets etc so seems right time to have that talk. Any recommendations for a helpful book to give to her-also have heard in past about giving her a pretty box with book/sanitary stuff etc. Don't really want to go into massive detail about sex just yet (or should I) so a book more focussed on body changes would be better at this stage.

nelehluap Tue 30-Aug-11 20:27:10

There is a very good book about sex suitable for a child her age to read/refer to....called 'Mummy lays an egg'...its a cartoon style book and very much written for children of her age group. TBH I told DD1 all about sex at about 9yrs old mainly because most of her friends knew a lot about it and I didn't want her to be the one who didn't and therefore be made fun of. As regards the periods side of things - I just explained to her what it all meant and how it all happens - but I didn't pressurise her into knowing about it all because until it actually happens to them I don't think they really listen/take it all in. DD1 started her periods earlier this month and she'd pretty much forgotten all that I'd told her about periods so fired loads of questions at me for the next week or so! I also buy her girlie magazines (she likes Mizz and Bliss) and they are very good at explaining subjects such as periods. smile

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