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biting into his gum when teething with his teeth!

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Loooopy Tue 30-Aug-11 10:15:40

DS is almost 10 months old and so far just has the two middle teeth on his bottom gum. I think his upper ones are on the way as he has started biting/dribbling again and got a runny nose, and is very angry with it all. We can cope with this, but when i'm trying to soothe him and cuddle him back to sleep (he has started waking in pain the last couple of days in his daytime naps) he has started to bite into his top gum with his teeth, and doing a motion as if he is grinding his teeth together, except he doesn't have any upper teeth so all he is doing is creating more pain and bleeding a lot. When he is snuggling to go to sleep, he won't use a teether, and it's hit/miss whether he will accept his soft bib into his mouth (i thought it might help if there was a barrier between his teeth and his gum!)

Has anyone elses DC done the same? any suggestions on what i can do? and if anyone has gone through the same, how long before their DC figured out that they were causing their own pain? or will this continue until the top teeth appear because at least then it will be teeth grinding against teeth!

Nagoo Wed 31-Aug-11 07:53:08

don't know about this but OW! sad

My DD sucks her thumb and made a hideous blister thing on it for a while when her teeth were coming through but she stopped after about a week.

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