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Routine for 6 month old

(9 Posts)
Snarfle Fri 26-Aug-11 22:29:18

I started weaning my ds at about 5 month so we are now having to change his routine around to fit in an extra feed. We used to do:
7am bottle
8.30am sleep (for about 45 mins to 1hr)
10am bottle
11.30 sleep (for about 30 mins)
1pm bottle
2.30 sleep (for about 30 mins)
4pm bottle
7pm bottle and bed

We are propsing the following:
7am bottle
8.30am sleep
9.30am breakfast porridge
11.15am sleep
12.30 lunch
2pm bottle
2.45 sleep
5pm tea
7pm bottle and bed

I am interested to know what other people did for their 6 month routine to still get the recommended 600 ml of milk in? Will he probably drop one of his naps soon?

Thank you.

Timeoutofmind Sat 27-Aug-11 17:41:23

My DD is nearly 8mo but her routine for a while has been something like this. She dropped her third nap at around 6mo.

7am bottle
8am breakfast
9am nap (45min-1hr)
11am bottle
12pm lunch
1230 nap (2 hours if were lucky)
3pm bottle
430pm tea
630 bottle, bed

So similar to yours although we still have 4 bottles (think she will drop one soon).

Snarfle Sat 27-Aug-11 19:30:53

That's really helpful - thank you.

bankholiday Sat 27-Aug-11 20:26:25

4 bottles here as well, plus one at 3am sad

6.30 - bottle
7.30-8 breakfast
8.30 ish - nap (30 mins)
10ish - bottle
11.30 - nap (30 mins)
12ish - lunch
2.30 -3- bottle. Another 30 min catnap between lunch and this bottle
4.30 -5 - tea
6.45 - bottle and bed

As you can see, DS only catnaps during the day.

Snarfle Sat 27-Aug-11 20:50:30

Poor you - I remember those 3am feeds (not fond memories).
My ds is like your dc - a 30 minute napper - I would love him to nap for an hour plus!

How many ounces do your dc's take at each bottle?
Thank you

bankholiday Sat 27-Aug-11 21:16:56

5 oz max snarfle, and very rarely more. I'm actually wondering if I should deliberately keep his meals small, to make sure he drinks the recommended amount (20 oz). But he loves his solids...

The thing is he's always eaten little and often, so even before solids it was about 5oz/bottle. So his eating pattern is pretty similar to his napping one.

Dare I ask when your DS dropped his 3am feed? Not sure I want to know if the answer is 3 months or so... smile

Timeoutofmind Sat 27-Aug-11 21:25:41

At 6mo my DD took 6-8oz at each feed but now at nearly 8mo she has a lot more solids so she normally takes 7oz at the first and last bottles but the middle two can vary from 3-6oz which is why I'm thinking she'll drop these soon!

Snarfle Sat 27-Aug-11 22:08:57

Thank you.
bankholiday - I'm sorry to say it was about 10 weeks. He slept through for about 5 hours one night (this was not normal) so we forgot to give it to him. After that we gave him it again for a a few nights and then he stopped waking for it. When he did wake we cuddled him back to sleep (in our bed) instead of feeding him. We did feed him at 10pm (usually waking him to feed him) and I think this is what stopped him needing it in the night. We stopped the 10pm feed at about 5 months and made sure we gave him a good feed at 7pm bedtime to fill him up for the night (he used to take about 7-8oz). I really feel for you to still be doing this at 6 months - I know how exhausting it is! I hope it ends for you soon.

With regards the recommended 20 oz that is what we are worried about to. I am going to start giving him weetabix or baby porridge with his formula milk to make sure he is getting a lot of milk that way as I don't want to give him 4 bottles a day (I think the Boots baby porridge recommends about 210ml formula milk to mix it). I want to give him 3 as this fits in with his routine better (and means we can get out of the house easier and are not always feeding him). Mine like yours is a napper and if I fed him more frequently I am afraid this would interfere with his naps. We are thinking of a 7am bottle then cereal with formula at 9.45 ish then lunch at 1ish, bottle at 4ish and then tea at 5.15 ish with us and then bottle and bed at 7pm. He is sooo tired at 7pm he rarely takes any more than 4-5oz so I need to get his milk in him through the day.

It's all very confusing with so much advice everywhere I find it hard to know what to do.
We're struggling at the mo with introducing lumps. He loves puree but is very clever and stores the lumps then raspberry blows them out all over me! He is getting better though and he can now eat little pieces of bread and cheese but still gets himself upset with pasta star and veg lumps. Thankfully my dh is a good cook so is making up batches of food for me to freeze and take out when I need them. Although, I do use the jars as well.

I assume you started weaning before 6 months as well? We started at about 5.

bankholiday Mon 29-Aug-11 21:11:26

Sorry for the late reply, I'm away at the moment and don't have internet access all the time.

I started weaning at 23 weeks, after doing the banana test. DS loves his solids, the first couple of weeks I kept his meals small but he is a good eater and I've started to take his lead and he always lets me know when he's had enough. I also make his porridge with formula in the morning, but he only has about 20oz at the moment plus the nightime feed, so I'm getting a bit concerned that if he stops dropping feeds he won't get enough. If this happens I'll have to ask for advice. Agree it's all very confusing, the HV said it's 20oz except for any dairy, so if I give him cheese or yoghurt this counts towards the 20oz, but I thought it's 20oz min because formula is fortified? confused

Yes, feeding at night is exhausting, I'm still hopeful though that in a couple of months or so he will stop waking up. A few weeks ago he was still feeding twice in the night and now he cut down on this, so fingers crossed.

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