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pocket money or rewards for kids while helping parents with house chores or other little jobs

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angelofthesky16 Fri 26-Aug-11 10:53:32

hi all smile

i would like to present you with a system we have created online for parents and children, families like ours.
I have been struggling for the past few years while working full-time, to do the cleaning tidying of a 4 bedroom house, looking after 2 children, animals, cooking, trying to have some time for myself, to do some sort of sport and lose weight...And i am sure it is the same problem for other mums too; not enough time for ourselves! And when the kids want us to have some "quality" time with them, to play, well, we are too tired!

We can't do everything! So my husband and I thought of a solution:

kids should be helping with the house chores, as they live here too, and to also learn to be responsible in life, that if you don't work, you don't get paid, simple as that; i think, nowadays, children are very spoiled and don't do enough to help their parents; they wait to be served on a plate all the time; we are not the slaves, we parents need team work!

this system online is perfect for this; you input the chore you need done in the house, and one of the children will click on it and start it; when finished, this chore will be rewarded by credit; it is even possible to print a certificate!! It has a big golden coin on it, like a medal.

The website is totally free, which is great news for everyone; it has a forum, available for parents and 16+.

you could also decide, for example, that the reward was a trip to the beach, or a day out, and this could be if they get to 2000 credit.. This will incite children to "work", be more ambitious while helping their parents, and being part of a teamwork.

Conclusion: Parents will have more time to relax, less frustration, and able to spend more quality time with their children.

try it, it is totally free, and please share it with all your friends, it will help us keep it free smile

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