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Help! Advice needed re room arrangements...

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milliemuffin Thu 25-Aug-11 23:12:19

My 4yo DS shares a double bedroom with his 20month old sister. My DD2 will have outgrown the Moses basket by Christmas so she'll then be going into the cot bed which is currently empty in the nursery.

DS and DD1 go to bed at the same time. DS is asleep in 5mins, DD more like 15/20 and needs one of us to sit in the room until she's asleep. The intention is at some point DS will have the smaller room and the girls share the double.

So, in November do we ...
A) move DD2 into the nursery and let the other 2 continue to share
B) move DD2 into the double room and move DS into the nursery.

If we move DD2 into the nursery at what point would we then swap her and DS over? He is about to go into Reception at school so might benefit from his own room but he does like sharing and is DD2 too young to share a room with her 20month old sister?

Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated.

CristinaTheAstonishing Thu 25-Aug-11 23:15:17

We had all three share a bedroom and kept another bedroom as a playroom. I'd say keep the oldest two together until it becomes a problem (different bedtimes) or DS expresses a preference.

alarkaspree Thu 25-Aug-11 23:21:36

Really either arrangement would be fine. But if your ds enjoys sharing a room then I'd leave him and dd1 together for now, it's less disruption for you all.

For what it's worth, my 7yo dd and 5yo ds share a room happily. We have a spare room but neither of them has ever expressed a wish to have their own room. Some children on the other hand really like to have their own space.

milliemuffin Fri 26-Aug-11 03:50:27

Thanks ladies. I think we'll keep the eldest two as they are at the moment. They like their little bedtime routine so until DD2 can join in it'd be a shame to spoil things.

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