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Front mounted bike seat - any recommendations?

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CaringForPod Thu 25-Aug-11 20:50:49

Thinking ahead here for when my son can sit up and come on the bike with me. I'd really like a front-mounted seat, something like this. Does anyone use anything similar? Also, when did you start putting your little ones in them? Our son is quite chunky (coming up 17 weeks and 16lb something) so will soon be at the 20lb stage the above seat requires, but presumably he needs to be able to sit up properly first?


Sidalee7 Thu 25-Aug-11 21:47:18

Hiya, I didnt take my dc's on the bike until they were a year but that was down to bike shop recommendations. seat I do think they need to be sitting up though as its similar to the stage 2 car seat.

I have my seat on the back and its fab - the reservations I would have about front mounted seats is that they are your "shield" and would have no protection from flying objects ect. Unlikely I know! smile

earshot Thu 25-Aug-11 21:48:40

We used a bobike mini and I loved it. We used it from 6 months and then from 8 months regularly to commute. Although DS had great head control, I erred on the side of caution and waited until I was sure he'd be able to deal with bumps and jars on the road and not just the smooth bits. DD is currently nowhere near good enough to go in it yet at 8mo! It comes off easily when not being used too.

DH liked it less as when mounted on my touring bike you have to cycle with your knees slightly out to the side. It would probably work better with a 'sit up and beg' type bike. Other minor minus points were that it has a short life span for babies with big bottoms and that cars don't give you a wider berth as they can't see the child seat. I wished I had a baby on board high vis vest grin

nocake Thu 25-Aug-11 21:49:03

There are a number of things you need before taking your child on a bike. He needs to be able to sit up well on his own, even when being bounced around on a bike. He also needs to be able to support the weight of a bike helmet on his head (assuming you're going to use one). Lots of people recommend waiting until at least a year and it's illegal in parts of the US to take a child under this age on a bike.

CaringForPod Thu 25-Aug-11 22:05:15

Thanks for the replies - have had a look at the bobike quickly, definitely worth looking into more. He does have a big bum though, especially with his reusable nappies.

Yes, we will def be using a helmet, no question about that. I wear one and it makes me so cross when I see parents going to the effort to put one on their kids' heads, but then don't bother for themselves. Grr.

Think I might get a giant, flashing, neon arrow to point to our son!

nocake, I'm not putting him on the bike just yet, just doing some research while I think of it!

My quibble about the rear mounting seats is that I wouldn't be able to see what he's doing. Think I'll wrap him up well and sit him up front, suspect he'll find it more interesting too. Famous last words...

Thanks again smile

bushymcbush Thu 25-Aug-11 22:14:58

We have a weeride, and it's fab. We got it when dd was 10 months old and she is still using it now at 3yrs.

One of the things I like about front seats is that the child can see so much more.

evremummy Fri 26-Aug-11 13:11:40

We have a WeeRide too. Not sure if it would be suitable for a non-sitting baby. We got it when my DS was 1 year old and my DD who is 4 can still fit in it. My son often falls asleep on it, and puts his head on the board in front of him. Really impressed with it.

CaringForPod Sat 27-Aug-11 13:53:15

Thanks for the tip, will look into that one as well.

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