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Dummy and a 21 month old

(2 Posts)
wideawakenurse Thu 25-Aug-11 08:03:25

I would really appreciate some advice about trying to get rid of my 21 month old DS's dummy.

We started using it at around 3 months, with what we thought was colic. Turns out he was allergic to milk and has developed a number of allergies since. During this period he has obviously had period of being unwell and its only been recently that I know exactly what he is allergic to. Therefore, the dummy has been a real comfort to him during this time of feeling ill, having lots of reactions etc.

But in the last few months he has become so attached to it, and literally has it all the time. Funnily enough he does not have it at nursery 3 days a week, but as soon as he gets in the car from nursery he is crying for it.

Yesterday I thought that I had lost his last one and so decided to go cold turkey. He was ok for a while, and distraction with toys and playing helped. But once we got to bedtime he was so upset, and was very upset. I relented, and gave it to him. I know its about me having the willpower, but I am also worried about having a few bad nights and then having to function at work the next day.

So can anyone help, any advice and tips would be gratefully received.

greengirl87 Thu 25-Aug-11 08:09:41

You do need to get rid of it as it starts to affect their speech and the position of their teeth.
I saw an episode of super nanny once where they talked to the kids about the 'dummy fairy' coming to take all the dummies away as they were 'big boys and girls now' who didnt need dummies. They put the dummies in a bag hung on the front door and went to bed. The next day there was a prensent in place of the dummy. Seemed to work! Also stick to your guns! relenting will only serve to cause you more bother

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