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My 11 year old won't go to sleep on his own

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raistdeska Wed 24-Aug-11 19:19:12

My boys aged 9 and 11 have always slept in the same room until 2 months ago when the youngest decided he wanted to go in his own room. Since then my 11 year old won't go to sleep on his own expecting me to stay with him until he falls alseep. Sometimes this can take up to an hour and if I creep out and he wakes up he follows me into my room. My husband works away in the week so I have to deal with it on my own. Bedtime is usually about 8.30 and they are up at 6.30. He is about to start secondary school so I am wondering if this is bothering him but he's says not.
Any advice please?

aquos Wed 24-Aug-11 19:30:00

My son is also about to start secondary school and is not settling to sleep well. His bedtime is 9.00, but at the moment he's often still awake when I go to bed at 10ish. He's also developed what I think is an anxiety based clearing of the throat. It's worse once he's in bed and he lies there clearing his throat repeatedly.

My sons been like this since May. First it was SATs, then high school induction days and of course now big school is getting really close.

The lack of sleep is making my ds argumentative and tearful during the day. I'm trying to bear with it a little longer in the hope that once he's settled in to high school things will get back to normal.

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