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cranial osteopath any experience? colic?

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lotti37 Wed 24-Aug-11 09:35:24


my little boy is 6 weeks old and suffers with colic. he is very windy. he cries and when you pick him up he stops crying. he likes his cuddles and so do i! in the evenings he will cry and will only settle when you pick him up. my husband wants him to see a cranial osteopath. has anyone had any experiences with them? i know colic normally goes by 12 weeks. i think it is a combination of colic and the fact that he does not like to put down. he does not like his moses basket and only seems to sleep when he is with me. i want him to sleep in his moses basket. any tips. thank you!

LonelyLinda Wed 24-Aug-11 15:41:24

Hi there

I tried a CO for my daughter who had colic and I would have tried anything, I was really desperate and in my experience it did not make the slightest difference. He didn't even touch my daughter, just held his hand above her head and said he could feel the pressure etc? I stifled giggles throughout and came away feeling like i'd been to a witch doctor.

A week or two later I bought some Dr Browns bottles, bought some Colief from the chemist and they cured the colic.

TBar Wed 24-Aug-11 16:58:56

There is no evidence from randomised controlled trials that cranial osteopathy can help with colic (probably because of the ethics of testing these things on babies). However there is some of anecdotal evidence that osteopathy and chiropractic can help with colic.
Linda, I think you were very unlucky, but I must admit that Dr Browns do seem very good for this too smile.
Lotti, if you would like to try the osteopathic/chiropractic route the best thing to do is try to find other Mums who have tried it for their babies and find a practitioner that way rather than from the yellow pages etc. Check the general osteopathic council or general chiropractic council websites to make sure that they are registered (this does not guarantee that they are good but does mean that they are legal)
Alternatively get a good sling and enjoy the cuddles

Thumbwitch Wed 24-Aug-11 17:03:17

Osteopath is a protected term, as is chiropractor - anyone calling themselves that legally has to be registered with the GOC or the GCC or they get into right trouble.

Cranial osteopathy (as opposed to cranial-sacral therapy, which can be done by non-osteopaths) can help with colic.

My DS didn't have colic but he had other ishoos, mostly with muscle spasms - cranial osteopathy helped those enormously. He had about 4 sessions initially and it was excellent. The practitioner was lovely, so gentle with him.

However, it may not help your DS if all he wants is cuddles from you - I don't think cranial osteopathy can "fix" that, sorry!

TheEarlOfDoncaster1963 Fri 26-Aug-11 22:47:20

I did 6 sessions with my 10wk old son, once a week - after the first session he slept 7 hrs that night! Used to wake up every 1.5hrs. Definitely worth a try - what have you got to lose?

MrsHoolie Sat 27-Aug-11 13:52:22

I found it helpful for DD1,she had two sessions.
The most helpful thing a friend was a book called Baby Bliss by DR Karp which gave lots of tips. If you search him on You Tube you can see him in action (particularly good on Richard and Judy!).
DD would only settle when tightly swaddled,dummy in and loud shushing in her ear. I would put the hair dryer on when she was swaddled and it calmed her very quickly.
Good luck,it is hard to listen to a crying baby.

sleepevader Sun 28-Aug-11 15:31:35

Worth a go in my opinion especially if it was a difficult birth.

Do try and get a local recommendation

carrotsandpeasifyouplease Sun 28-Aug-11 19:07:50

Colief and Dr Brown's were a life saver - colief is a scary price though, well worth it.

Brewster Sun 28-Aug-11 20:49:14

My little man couldnt open his mouth very wide and seemed to have a headache form getting stuck on his way out and we say a osetopath a few days after the birth. we went back every weekfor a while and then in the future when other problems arose.
I think it helped loads.
He fed better afterwards and seemed calmer at times.
he cried a fair bit when she was working on him though but it did help.
when our next baby is born we will take him/her to this lady regardless of if there is a specific problem just because the birth itself is traumatic enough for the little ones.

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