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DD keeps bashng herself

(2 Posts)
WhoahThere Wed 24-Aug-11 08:39:17

7mo, sitting and playing, getting braver and braver about trying to reach things - wants to be crawling really. She's on that alphabet matting stuff, but every time she loses her balance she manages to land - usually on her face - on something hard and plastic.

So hard to watch, and she's not even crawling yet - how on earth am I going to cope when she's walking!?

PFB I know!

Huffythetantrumslayer Wed 24-Aug-11 15:16:10

Ah bless. I can't count the amount of bruises, scratches, head bangs and bumps my ds has had! He's 20months and at one point seemed to hit his head every day. Luckily babies heal up really quickly from non serious bumps and things. You will have to grit your teeth and bear it! She'll be fine.

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