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Guardian of teenage sibling(s)???

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theworldspins Sun 21-Aug-11 23:18:19

Just wondering if anyone else's younger sibling(s) live with them full time, with or without a legal aarrangement?

If anyone has any tips/advice on how to deal with that (DB is 15) and starting own family etc


LeBJOF Sun 21-Aug-11 23:19:06

How old are you? What are the circumstances?

theworldspins Sun 21-Aug-11 23:28:35

I'm 26, about 2 years ago DB started having major problems with our step dad (we have an older sister who has 2 DC's) And Parents (DM and DSD) decided it was best if he move in with me as we have 2 younger siblings (8 and 11 now - from DM and DSD). I was 24 - just got my first flat by myself etc, Older sis couldn't take DB as had young children lives 5 hrs away, I only live 2hrs from parents, had room etc DB did agree. He seems to have settled down - doing okay in school, friends etc.

But me and DP (who DB has know for many years as we were childhood friends previously) are now expecting our 1st DC. I don't know how DB will adapt (he seems okay but then only 3 mnths) and how we will be able to do both eg nearly 16yr old and baby.

Just wanted to know if anyone has similar experiences and/or tips

LeBJOF Sun 21-Aug-11 23:54:02

I have not been in that situation, but years ago I did take on a 17 year old girl who was having trouble with living at home, and I had a three year old then. I never had legal responsibility though- it was all informal and her parents were happy with it. I can't say that there were any problems- it was all quite adult and respectful, and she just lent a hand now and again like an au pair or something. I do acknowledge that the dynamic might be different with a sibling though.

theworldspins Sun 21-Aug-11 23:54:34

Oh: he does have attitude problems (tidying,respect,being rude, not sticking to curfew - at all and not calling/txting) Half the time he is great with DP (they go to football etc together) but the other half he is rude and disrespectful to him (esp when he does the 'parenting' stuff eg school work, attitude etc) He also won't be around our DSD or talk about him, will only say hello and yes/no to our DM before buggering off, Likes spending time with our DSis and family when we get the chance, ditto with younger brothers, one (11yr old) was very angry with him for leaving and I don't think has forgiven him fully.

Thanks in advance - for any advice you lot can give

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