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DS 7 with no friends so bored during the hols...

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penny23 Fri 19-Aug-11 17:38:14

My ds is 7 and literally has no friends! When he is at school he will play happily with others in his class/year, but since the end of term, it has become apparent that the friends from school are no where to be seen. He has never been invited back to friends for tea which is why I don't have any telephone numbers of those he does play with in school.

I'm after some advice re how others handle similar situations and some ideas on how to remedy this so that in future holidays he isn't so bored/upset he has no one to play with. Luckily I do have 2 other children but both are much older and therefore no happy to play with him very much!

As someone who suffers from depression I'm aware this is my fault, as I am shy and afraid when if I ask friends to come back to play after school that they will say 'no', the school mums seem very clicky. I'm a single working parent therefore don't have much spare cash for things like clubs so want to make a change for ds when he returns to school.

strictlovingmum Fri 19-Aug-11 18:06:23

I don't know if this is going to be helpful, but but we found it to be blessing for us.
DD and me tend to be frequent different playgrounds in our area, I usually take a picnic, and we stay for the whole day, my DD doesn't have many friend's where we live, but as you DS will happily play with children on the playground, while I chat to the receptive mums.
Often it happens all the other mums, that came alone with their DC's to the playground are in in a very similar positions as your's and mine, and are happy to chat, while kids play, same is with swimming, we go often and it is relatively inexpensive, lot's of alone mums there too, good luck, I feel for yousad, I am sure somebody with better advice will be along

Ryma Sat 20-Aug-11 16:56:02

what about going to your local park ?

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