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different parenting styles

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Twinnytwintwin Thu 18-Aug-11 20:46:57

I am really wondering what I should say to a friend who has very different styles of parenting.
should I say something or just let the friendship go?
one day she was at work and she invited me and my children to her house to play with her kids, the nanny was at hers, as soon as I arrived her kid said "oh yucky xx" to mine, refused to play with mine, said she hates mine and wouldn't let my kid touch her toys. I walked out in less than half an hour, as I didn't want mine to be surround with that.
A few weeks later I was at hers again and our kids were outside in the garden, I was inside and my friend was filming them together, my friend then came in laughing and said to me I had to watch the funniest thing, she said look, watch, the bit is coming up, look at my child's face, starts to laugh again and then I watch on the film as her child says " I hate you X" to mine child!! I told my friend I did not think it was funny, but she thinks kids are just kids and let them be. but maybe if she was showing me that film thinking it was funny, she is just as bad as her daughter!
I believe you need to teach your kids how to behave. should I say anything to her?

TheArmadillo Thu 18-Aug-11 20:57:43

You can say something to her but it most likely will end the friendship - if you're happy with that then carry on. If you want to carry on your friendship with her then I'd limit it to childfree stuff to avoid the issue altogether.

It's up to her how she brings up her children (actual abuse notwithstanding), however its up to you whether you want to socialise with her and/or her children as a result.

skybluepearl Thu 18-Aug-11 22:49:30

if the kids don't get on then maybe look at meeting up in the evenings instead - that is if you think that you adults could be good friends.

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