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All gone pear shaped today!

(2 Posts)
Sleepglorioussleep Wed 17-Aug-11 18:55:43

Have had first really horrible day with three children. Dd2 is six weeks old, ds 2.9 and dd 5.10. Went to friend's this morning, fine except dd1 a bit bossy with friend's four year old dd and wanted a particular plate rather too vocally at lunch. And ds hit the other child too. So not that fine. But home and DVD this afternoon. I left dd2 for the time it took to grab the phone and when I came back dd1 was by her and had hit her. Because apparently dd2 had scratched her. I got really cross so everyone was crying. Well done me-not. Up til then neither of the other dc had been other than gentle and loving. I am really nervous that I might have had the honeymoon period and am tired and might end up grumpy with my lovely family all the time now. Help! Will it get better? I know we did the right thing having three but today was really tough.

MrsVidic Wed 17-Aug-11 19:02:03

You remember when you only had 1 dc and they had a bad night- you believe it's the way it's going to be rather than just an off night don't you? It's exactly the same- natural to feel doubt but everyone has an off day smile every now and again

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