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missed my 7 week old babys viral rash and feel awful ?!?

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pearl297 Wed 17-Aug-11 18:16:02

My DD is 7 week old and the health visitor has just told me she has a viral rash on her chest and tummy! I feel awful because we thought they were just milk spots/milia as they look very similar to the ones on her face (although looking at them now they are more pin prick like) blush.

Apparently it means that she has had an 'unspecified viral infection' that is now going and she could have had it for up to 6 weeks. She hasn't had a temp or any other symptoms and is gaining weight, reaching her mile stones etc.

She has however been a a bit unsettled over the past 3 days and although she's sleeping great at night, she's been very hard work to get to sleep during the day and been getting very over tired. Yesterday after trying to get her to sleep for 3 hours (awake for 4.5) i had to resort to taking her for a drive. Could this be anything to do with it?

Has anyone else had anything similar with their LO's? She was very vague only saying to watch her nappy as she might get green poo confused sad


camdancer Wed 17-Aug-11 20:21:41

DD2 (10 weeks) has had viral rashes on and off since birth. There isn't much you can do about it. The being unsettled could be part of it but again there isn't anything you'd do differently if you know it is a virus rather than just normal baby weirdness! Viruses are very frustrating.

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