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If you are local to West Byfleet in Surrey, can you give an hour of your time to have your brain picked next week?!

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JessieMay1 Wed 17-Aug-11 15:52:33

Hi all,

I'm writing for a small young persons charity in Surrey. We really thrilled that P&G (marketing company Proctor and Gamble) are currently volunteering their time to help us design a campaign to better get across our message, and to hopefully help us generate more, much needed funds. The creative team at P&G have put various ideas and visual concepts together and to see which one generates the best response we need to test people’s reaction to them.

The campaign is targeted at Mums, particularly Mums with students at primary or secondary school….so this is ideally who we need to ask.

We need lots of volunteers to come along to the Eikon office (KT15 3HP in Surrey) on either Thursday 25 August or Tuesday 30 (2011) for a maximum of one hour to have their brains picked!! It should be a lot of fun, and we will provide ample tea, cake and thanks!

This is very short notice, so if you can help, or know of any Mum’s that can, please could you get in touch and ask them to sign up to one of the hourly slots at the website below:

Thank-you very much indeed for reading this,


Fundraising and Development Manager

Selsdon Road
New Haw
KT15 3HP

Tel: 01932 347434

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