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Toddler getting stuck between cot bars, time for big bed?

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Pigleychez Wed 17-Aug-11 09:21:46

Its happened quite a lot lately and shes stuck on her front with both legs through the bars. She is wedged though as the bars are small and her chubby little legs!

When I managed to tug her free shes left with red marks on her legs that last for days. One mark has even left abit of (hopefully not!) permenant mark on her inner thigh sad

She's 15mths now so wondering if it would be too early to put her into a toddler bed. DD1 went into hers at 18mths. We were thinking we would swap her at xmas. DH is then off so dont have to worry about him not sleeping then going off to work. DD1 NEVER got out of bed but have a feeling DD2 will have completely different ideas!!

I think shes too big for a cot bumper now and would probably try and climb out using it. Stopped using sleeping bags too as her room gets so hot at the mo!

When did you move your DC into a bed or can anyone suggest any other solutions?

Dartfordmummy Wed 17-Aug-11 09:52:07

Have you got any of the 0.5 tog sleeping bags - they are just sheet thickness.

Pigleychez Wed 17-Aug-11 12:42:11

lightest we have is 1tog and even that feels quite thick. She sleeps happily in just a pair of Pj's.

As well im wondering if sticking her back in a grobag will confuse her again for when she goes into a toddler bed where she will a duvet. IYSWIM.

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Wed 17-Aug-11 13:00:22

<waves> I’ve been thinking about this lately too. DD is such an active sleeper and ends up squished in all manner of angles against various sides of her cot. We’re saved at the moment by the fact that she’s in a travel cot due to various circumstances so there are no bars to contend with, otherwise I’m sure we’d be having exactly the same problem.

Another of the May babies is in a junior bed, it might be worth finding Stuffthe and see how she’s done it?

Also I’ve been looking at the zip on duvets the Gro people do, which might help her stay in bed, although there’s a fair chance she’ll just wriggle right down underneath the covers confused

I’ll watch with interest grin

Pigleychez Thu 18-Aug-11 10:12:52

Hi seeks! smile

Well ive come up with a short term solution (I hope) untill she moves into a toddler bed around xmas.

Ive taken one of her large blankets and holded up to make a long rectangle. Ive then passed it in and out of the bars along her cot. No legs through the bars last night but how long it takes for DD2 to pull it down is another matter!
Anyway should be ok for now.

FlappyBaps Thu 18-Aug-11 14:13:17


We had this problem with our wriggly baby and I ended up buying a bumper through the JojoMamanBebe website that is made of mesh (and so breathable). It's called an Airflow or something and goes right around the cot so there are no gaps to fall through. I'm more worried about moving her into a big bed because she's such a wriggler now - at least at the moment she is contained!

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