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lovemyboysandbeagles Sun 14-Aug-11 22:35:22

I have just read another thread that says 11 year olds go to bed sometime between 8-9pm. My DS1 is 13 in Sept and currently goes @ 9pm lights out @ 9.30, although this seems to be getting later and he moans that his friends all go later, am I being unreasonable seen as he is going into year 8 and almost 13 (I feel he needs that much sleep to be fresh for school). My DS2 is 10 and goes to bed @ 8pm lights out 8.30, again I think this is reasonable but he says his friends go at 10pm!!!

AKMD Mon 15-Aug-11 19:43:21

I think this is reasonable. My parents had similar timings for me and my younger brother and 'all my friend's went to bed 'really late'. When I actually called a friend to ask about GCSE homework one night at 9pm her mum answered and said she was in bed and that she was surprised I was calling so late blush Send your kids to bed when you think is best fornthem and forget what 'everyone else' does because the 'everyone else' is as mythical as when they were all going to Disneyland Florida when your DS1 is 7.

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