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Feel terrible - DS in own room for first time tonight and he's ill

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PaigeTurner Fri 12-Aug-11 19:02:45

I've had to put him in there tonight as had furniture moved around today in preparation to sell flat, DS is 8 months next week so probably about time he was in his own room, but he's had a gastro bug for three days and is pretty miserable.

He went off ok, but soon woke up and was screaming and looking around the room - we have been in there a few times recently to play but not much - I feel terrible and feel like going and sleeping on the floor in there tonight.

It's just me and him, as have been a lone parent all the way so far so I feel a bit like I'm abandoning him when he's sick. sad

Please tell me it will all be fine! Also, any tips for smooth transition to own room gratefully received...

Octaviapink Fri 12-Aug-11 19:05:06

You could go in and be with him for a while. I'm sure he'll be fine.

JustFiveMinutesHAHAHA Fri 12-Aug-11 19:07:51

Can you not keep him up until you go to bed (let him sleep on the settee) then take him into your bed when you go? <says the anti co sleeper grin> I just can't stand the idea of them being unwell and feeling miserable by themselves <soft old mare I know>

Octaviapink Fri 12-Aug-11 19:10:14

I know what you mean, Five - I'm soft too. DD stayed in our room till she was at least 10 months and DS is well on the way to a similar length of time. It feels right to have them in your room!

mousesma Fri 12-Aug-11 19:11:07

If you want to go and sleep on the floor in the room with him while he is poorly then do it. You won't be encouraging bad habits or anything.

DD has been in her own room since 6 months (is now 13 months) and is usually fine but whenever she is poorly I always end up sleeping next to the cot for a few nights because she needs the extra comfort.

PaigeTurner Fri 12-Aug-11 19:33:38

Thanks for the input. He's also just about to crawl so has just woken up on his hands and knees in the cot just now... Think I will bunk down in there tonight and see how it goes. However, I do remember feeling exactly the same when I let him sleep in his moses in my room for the first time while I was next door watching TV at 8 weeks. I thought DC were supposed to have separation anxiety not parents!

matana Fri 12-Aug-11 19:41:58

DS went in his own room at 6 months (he's now 9 months), but he still sleeps with us occasionally when he's poorly or particularly unsettled. Would you bring him in with you maybe? I don't think it hurts from time to time and gastro bugs are nasty!

mousesma Fri 12-Aug-11 19:57:31

Good luck with the rest of the night, hope you both get some sleep!

I hated having DD in her own room too but you'll soon get used to it and then it'll be something new to fret about. smile

JustFiveMinutesHAHAHA Fri 12-Aug-11 20:01:21

I just wouldn't settle if he had a gastro bug and was in the other room... one of you needs to bunk in with the other and frankly your room seems more comfy!

There's plenty of time for him to get used to being in his own room when he's better.

Iggly Fri 12-Aug-11 20:03:33

Whenever DS is ill one of us will sleep in with him. Once he's better we can go back to usual and he's fine!

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