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Birthlight baby swimming

(5 Posts)
Supersunnyday Wed 10-Aug-11 22:46:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

camdancer Thu 11-Aug-11 08:34:36

I took my DS to birthlight swimming when he was little. We started relatively late - about 10 months. There were much, much smaller babies in the other classes. It was lovely. A really great introduction to water and really fun being in the water together. We did a couple of terms of classes and DS became really confident in, and under, the water.

But it was expensive - very expensive. And once we stopped going each week DS's confidence in the water quickly disappeared. We didn't swim at all for a while and when we started again DS took a long time to get his confidence back. I don't think the lessons we had back then have much bearing on DS's ability in water now at 4! But it was great while we did it.

BlueChampagne Thu 11-Aug-11 13:16:47

I did it with DS1 but he didn't really enjoy it so we gave it up after a couple of terms. I enjoyed it, but as camdancer says, it's not cheap, and doesn't have much bearing on their confidence or ability later.

Also I didn't find it the best way to meet other Mums - everyone too busy wrestling themselves and offspring in and out of swimming stuff to chat much. Local playgroups much better for that IMO.

Supersunnyday Fri 12-Aug-11 11:19:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Supersunnyday Mon 15-Aug-11 15:14:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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