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dd age 4 seems to go into meltdown if any children shout at her, how can i help her

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carriedababi Wed 10-Aug-11 22:19:28

dd seems hyper sensitive to being shouted at.

i never really shout at her, shes normally well behavied and just talking to her in a serious tone is 99% enough to get her to stop something.

anyway these summer hols with we have had friends round etc and theres one or two quite shouty children.

for eg dd and a friend were playing mummys and daddys, dds frien was the mummy and this game consisted of friend shouting orders[do this do that etc] at dd until she started crying because her friend was shouting

another eg, one child shoutuing at dd to get down fromt he climbing frame[wasn't blocking anyine else or anything]
then dd ended up in tears

any ideas how i can help her, she does seem very sensitive to beiing shouted this normal?

what should i advise dd to do if another child shouts at her.

dh think we should simply tell her to tell the other child/children not to shout.
although i doubt nost 4 year olds will stop shouting just because another child has told them to stop shouting at them

im not sure if we should tell, her to tell an adult, although i suppose you don't want to make her too much of a tell tale

ive tried telling her some children are shouty and not to let it upset her.
but these doesn;'t sem to be working

anyway what can i advise her to do in these situations?
how can i help her

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