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Any changing nappy tips - to keep them still? 15 months

(22 Posts)
finleysmommy Tue 09-Aug-11 23:45:21

Hello it gets pretty embrassing and tiring to run after my 15 month old with his nappy half hanging off him while trying to change him. For a while the odd toy holding or bottle of juice in his hand would keep him occupied. I just wondered if any other mums have any different tips to help keep them still while changing there bums. Sudocream wipes nappys everywhere! Thanks

StrandedBear Wed 10-Aug-11 09:16:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunndydays Wed 10-Aug-11 09:38:20

I second using the Pampers Easy Up Pants or similar as you can do it whilst they are standing up.....I have seen someone say on here that you can get changing mats with straps on them...

sunndydays Wed 10-Aug-11 09:39:11

they aren't cheap though

Lovethesea Wed 10-Aug-11 12:53:15

I shove something interesting into DS's hand, get everything to hand on the floor, lay him down and pin one leg onto his chest firmly and start changing as fast as possible. Sometimes it works easily, othertimes I have a yelling wriggling nightmare while I hang on for dear life preventing him from rolling over. I try and exude calmness and total intransigence. Usually I am saying Wait! Wait! over the top of his protests.

happygilmore Wed 10-Aug-11 14:05:25


piprabbit Wed 10-Aug-11 14:14:36

Try Tesco Value Pants - £1.49 for 18 pairs [ here]].

Works out at only 8p a pair while Huggies and Pampers are roughly 3 times more expensive.

We've been using these for the last few months and haven't had any accidents - even over night.

treesinthebreeze Wed 10-Aug-11 19:11:42

Erm, pin them down and do it as quickly as possible....

gigismummy Thu 11-Aug-11 01:47:47

Our daughter is 16 months. In this hot weather she often wants to wear no nappy. We compromise and let her leave the nappy off for a while and put it on later when she is protesting less, often putting trousers over the top. There are accidents on the carpet but I just clean them up with kitchen paper, thinking it's just an unavoidable part of the process. We will definitely hire a carpet cleaner at some point though!

gigismummy Thu 11-Aug-11 01:48:55

Also at 15 months they are not weeing all the time like when they were little so it is possible to go for a good hour or more with no wee.

Comma2 Thu 11-Aug-11 15:36:29

Yes- let them run naked until distracted, then sneak up and slap it on them standing. Wiping: you are all alone, sister. My dc prefers to stand, so whatever. Standing, then.

Haggisfish Thu 11-Aug-11 22:46:51

My LO managed to roll over face first across her pooey nappy....she grinned up at me with a rancid brown 'tache. Fortunately it wasn't too soft, but still the most unpleasant thing I have witnessed since my dog puked up a tapeworm.

BeeBopBunny Fri 12-Aug-11 09:52:08

Reserve something they find fascinating for nappy chage times - empty shampoo bottle or tube of cream they can't get the top off, anything safe that will keep them interested for a minute, then speed is of the essence!

RalphGnu Fri 12-Aug-11 11:18:51

The only thing that worked for me was singing songs and using funny facial expressions. Replacing words from nursery rhymes with 'poo' and 'willy' was especially good.

"Twinkle twinkle little poo, how I wonder what you willy" is a personal favourite in this house grin

Fuzzled Fri 12-Aug-11 14:37:23

I sit on him. hmm Well, kneel over him really. Doesn't work out and about really. angry

Do it so your bum is at his head and you're facing his feet. Squeeze with knees to stop wriggling.

Grumping was guaranteed until he learned to play "drums" on my substantial arse blush

thesurgeonsmate Fri 12-Aug-11 14:46:05

I often read about pinning to floor with knee / foot. We aren't at this stage yet, and I can't picture this - are you yourself standing, kneeling or sitting in this scenario?

Quenelle Fri 12-Aug-11 14:48:39

Or follow them at top speed on your knees trying to do the nappy up while they're on the move. (Works 4 out of 10 times.)

notcitrus Fri 12-Aug-11 15:13:42

Kneeling on floor with one knee on child's stomach.
I soon graduated to the one-handed technique while gripping an ankle with the other hand.

Throwing toys at them mid-change often helped.

sdotg Fri 12-Aug-11 15:29:04

Keys, my iPhone or other item of mine not usually allowed in order to get nappy off and clean up and if being a total nightmare to get the new one on I sit him on my lap facing away and put nappy on that way.
Can just about manhandle him with one arm still.
Although I might try pull ups as now DS is 19 months he's liking the concept of big boy stuff. Good tip!

acatcalledfelix Fri 12-Aug-11 15:38:34

I've had a Rabbits changing mat which has a tummy and shoulder straps since DS was about 8 months! If there are two of us and we're out somewhere, one pins him down whilst the other one cleans. Or I seek out changing benches with tight straps. If I'm really unlucky and he poos when we're out and there's none of the above available, then I stand him up in a very small toilet cubicle, clean him, the sit him on my knee to get the nappy back on.

I honestly dread changing him. Not because the poo bothers me, but because changing him is such a nightmare.

vogonmothership Fri 12-Aug-11 15:40:54

As soon as mine could stand I did them standing up, all the time, much easier

Paschaelina Fri 12-Aug-11 15:41:29

I'm going to go with Fuzzled's suggestion tonight after bath and report back. Boy has become a total menace in the last couple of weeks for arching his back and wriggling away. Something has to work.

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