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Have you used a Babydan Playpen as a room divider? Was it stable/secure?

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InTheZenGarden Tue 09-Aug-11 10:18:05

That's it really. I need to be able to divide our our living room into two, so that 10 month-old DS stops messing up 3 year-old DD's toys. They need their own space wink
So I've seen that the Babydan playpen can be used as a room divider, using wall -mounting kits. But I'm worried it will be wobbly, and not withstand DS and DD grabbing/shaking it, generally being kids

Thanks smile

Solo Wed 10-Aug-11 00:43:30

IME, they are very sturdy.

Parietal Wed 10-Aug-11 00:47:14

Yes, it worked fine. It is stronger if the dividing line across the room is not entirely straight.

InTheZenGarden Wed 10-Aug-11 11:32:27

Thank you.
And that's great to hear parietal, as ours wouldn't be straight.

Forgot to ask - the blurb for the wall mounting kit says it is easy to remove the room divider at the end of the day - it just slides out? - is this true?

Thanks again smile

Fuzzled Wed 10-Aug-11 21:06:54

We have one which I use as a pen when needed. Looking at the wall bits, you can take them out, but I don't think it would be easy to do every day IYSWIM.

Parietal Thu 11-Aug-11 10:06:36

Removing panels is easy once you get used to it, but the panels are quite big to store. We used to leave ours up most of the time.

gastrognome Thu 11-Aug-11 13:29:30

Yes, very strong and sturdy. Ours has survived all manner of abuse and is still as good as new.

Not sure how easy it is to take down, however. When we fitted it we thought we would be taking it down regularly but in fact it's been up for two and a half years now!

Sleepglorioussleep Thu 11-Aug-11 15:16:01

My sister is nine years older than me and apparently she used to play in the playpen, just as it was to stop me messing things up. Dd, five, used to just play with small bits she didn't want baby brother to mess with on the dining room table or on kitchen work surface. Easier for us than dividing up room.

GerMom7 Thu 11-Aug-11 15:23:54

We have used them as stair gates due to very awkward staircase/banister. The one at the bottom has been very sturdy, despite being swung from and pulled at but the one at the top came out very easily. I think that is because the walls upstairs are unstable lathe and plaster, though, so not due to the playpen.

InTheZenGarden Thu 11-Aug-11 16:09:33

Thank you all, very helpful smile

Sleep - that is a good idea, but DD used to do jigsaws (large, floor puzzles), play train sets and chatter away for ages about what was happening. Now DS can crawl, she just can't do that without him wrecking it. It's a real shame, and I feel she's missing out, so a room divider looks like the solution

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