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Dummies - should I start using it or try to avoid?

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PrincessOfWails Mon 08-Aug-11 22:12:56

DS2 is 4wks, and DS1 is 3. DS2 is generally quite an easy baby, but has screaming fits from late afternoon until around 9pm, and it overlaps with DS1's bedtime.
Tonight, as an experiment, I tried a dummy with DS2, and he took to it, happily sucking and watching the world. Seemed very content.
I'm worried though that it's just a bad excuse. Plus, DS2 currently settles nicely for us at night (which DS1 never did - he was a bit of an angry baby, and we could not have lived without his dummies!!). If I start giving him a dummy during the day is that going to screw up the easy settling at night?

I took his dummy away after about 5 mins and he hasn't been given it since. He screamed a bit but I just fed him. Lots!

Just wondering, really...

Beamur Mon 08-Aug-11 22:17:08

Isn't there some evidence now that suggests having a dummy at night is actually no bad thing?
DD didn't have one, so I'm not able to offer any personal advice, but there were times when she was very little that I was sorely tempted to give her one but DP convinced me to ride it out and she would be fine and we'd avoid the hassle of persuading her to give it up.
A woman I know who ff her baby, did use a dummy for her baby though and reasoned he benefited from the extra comfort sucking.
It's a personal choice.

YoungMotherTubby Mon 08-Aug-11 22:57:29

Personal choice and what works for baby.
DC1 - had dummy from a few days old until about 2.5yrs (though was adamant that baby wouldn't have one!)
DC2 - bought the dummy before he was born and he didn't need it
DC3 - didn't have/need one
DC4 - didn't have/need one
DC5 - eventually gave her a dummy at 3 months and she still has it at 18 months (but just for sleep)

No rights or wrongs - my advice is if you can manage without, then do, but not to worry if you use one

PrincessOfWails Wed 10-Aug-11 16:17:08

Thanks all - I'll see how we go without. As long as DH (or someone) is around we can just pick up DS2 and cuddle him, but DS1 has Ishoos about the baby brother... But a dummy may not be the answer.

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