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Toys. How do you manage them and what are your rules?

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Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 08-Aug-11 14:16:25

It feels like our house has been taken over, but I know we've got a lot less than many people. DD has a 'playroom' which is not actually a room, but a dedicated space within our open plan living area. She has three deep shelves that hold bigger toys (xylophone, duplo, wooden blocks, that sort of thing), a biggish play kitchen whose shelves store all the crafty stuff, and a little table and chair which hold the crayons and markers and things. Her stuff spreads throughout the place during the day but is returned there at night.

Her bedroom just has books, stuffed animals, and some dolls' furniture.

I really only buy her art/craft stuff throughout the year, and then one big present for birthday and another for Christmas. She's a December birthday, so all her gifts arrive at once, and I go through and cull/hide after Christmas to be taken out during the year. We belong to a toy library and a book library.

I know people who - with young children, like mine - check gifts before letting their DC open them, so they can confiscate things they don't want in the house. And other people who think that's uptight. I know people who, like me, insist that the toys have one or two dedicated homes and cull every time the stash overspills that. And other people who think that's restrictive and the children should feel welcome to have their stuff in every part of the house, since after all adults do. I know people who feel that having only a very few toys makes children use their imagination and really use them. And other people who want their children to have access to a range of toys so that they can always satisfy a creative desire.

I didn't know I had a toy philosophy, but apparently I do. So how do you approach toys?

tostaky Mon 08-Aug-11 15:56:43

Have two DCs, they each have a box (but actually all toys are mixed) and we have two shelves for books
My problem is the dad… he keeps buying bags of legos or train track which I then have to hide behind the sofa…

Sleepglorioussleep Mon 08-Aug-11 16:42:35

Generally I'm like you op, although I have had to let go a bit since dd has go older and remembers who has given her gifts! I cull toys but put them in the loft in case they are suddenly remembered. I rarely involve her in the process though-anything threatened with departure becomes the most favourite precious thing ever!

Iggly Mon 08-Aug-11 16:49:01

Well DS tends to play with the same few toys so every now and then I'll put away the stuff he's not bothered about and bring it out later.

I also try and get a few different things out and spread them around his play "area" - supposed to be good as he can see different things and move from toy to toy if he wants.

With books, we adopt a similar approach - they're all in a low box so he can see different covers easily and pick them out.

SilveryMoon Mon 08-Aug-11 16:55:09

Mine have a unit which holds 6 medium sized boxes. They then have a unit with 9 small boxes, 1 big toy box, stuff shoved under the bed, enough soft toys that cover their chest of drawers and a 3 shelved bookcase.
We have a few bits in the living room, a keyboard and drum kit plus their little table.
I have decided on this storage, and if we get things that overspill we sort through and set rid.
I don't really have 'rules' for toys. The only things I swipe before my ds's spot it is bubbles.

msbuggywinkle Mon 08-Aug-11 19:24:51

We have lots of toys, there is little point in me culling because my DDs are 5 and 2 and there is another DD on the way so we have toys for all of those age groups.

They have a playroom which has, a cupboard full of arty/crafty stuff, a toy box for playmobil, a 'baby' toys basket, a few bigger things like ride ons and a bead frame, and a bookcase with baskets on for smaller things. In DD1's room there is a full height bookcase full of books and the doll's house and dressing up box.

Toy philosophy...lots of hand me downs from my cousins, keep hold of stuff for the next baby down, close the door on it!

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