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Anyone got Phil & Teds double buggy?

(14 Posts)
YouDoTheMath Sun 07-Aug-11 12:33:52

if so do you like it?

I'm having DC2 in November. DD1 is 15 months. I'm really stuck on which double buggy to get!

I like the look and feel of P&T Sport etc but both DM and MIL dislike it because of one baby being behind...

PPPop Sun 07-Aug-11 12:35:45

Yes it's brilliant. Buy it now so you get max use out if it, you will wish you got it earlier.

mistressploppy Sun 07-Aug-11 12:40:08

I don't have one (so feel free to ignore me!) but have been advised that they are great, BUT if you're tall (as I am) you'll bang your legs on the bottom seat.

I'm due in Feb and the gap is 2.2m, and I've been advised to look at side-by-sides due to me and DS being tall - the thread is here if you want to have a peep.

But if you use buses etc they can be a bit mahoosive....most people do seem to go for the Phil & Teds ones...

BebeBelge Sun 07-Aug-11 12:41:34

Don't worry about one being behind - that is the preferred seat in our household! It's really easy to push, even one-handed and easy to take apart and fold. Only criticism is that you can't really adjust seat positions while children are in it as other buggies and you can't recline seats flat for sleeping when using in 2 toddler mode. However, I believe advantages of having a slim double far outweigh disadvantages.

PPPop Sun 07-Aug-11 12:42:59

I'm 5'9" and never bump my legs on the back seat.

YouDoTheMath Sun 07-Aug-11 15:12:21

Thanks all, fortunately I'm a short arse so not worried about the leg bashing!

Also, are they suitable for two toddlers? I'm just thinking about when DC2 is toddler age, as the gap will only be 18 months so DD might still be using pushchair.

If so, will I then need to buy a different rear seat for a toddler, or is it suitable from birth to toddlerhood?

BebeBelge Sun 07-Aug-11 15:26:12

No, it's actually designed more for 2 toddlers than for baby & toddler. It's better to have the younger one behind as it might be a squeeze for the older one if they are particularly tall and also weight limit on back seat is less than on the front seat (can't remember exactly what it is for the back. 20kgs maybe?? Anyway, dd is 3.2yrs and weighs 14kg approx so no prob with weight limit yet).

BebeBelge Sun 07-Aug-11 15:34:21

Sorry, realised my last post didn't make sense (it's really late at night where I live!).

You don't need a new seat for toddler. You just need one extra seat. If you have a newborn, the seat gets attached on top of the flat baby bed, and if you have 2 toddlers, the seat attaches to the bottom with the younger toddler ideally sitting behind. Dd is 3.2yrs and can still comfortably sit behind but an especially tall toddler might find it more of a squeeze. Ds is 12 mo and normally sits behind but is perfectly comfy sitting infront if dd insists on being behind. Both have become adept at sleeping in an upright position as both seats won't go flat at the same time.

Ps. I would recommend the cocoon for a newborn, especially in winter, as it is much cosier than just putting baby straight into the buggy when flat.

Hope that makes more sense!

tigercametotea Sun 07-Aug-11 16:05:21

I got one nearly 3 years ago when I had my DS and DD2 was 18 months. It has been (and still is) a very useful piece of kit, although these days I have a lighter MacLaren Triumph stroller for DS for when we're walking/taking public transport as DD2 can walk most places now. But if we're going somewhere which involves too much walking for DD2 to manage, the Phil and Teds still comes in handy. Its just heavier than a light stroller. If you are intending to use from newborn though, and especially if the weather's going to be chilly, its worth buying the baby carrier attachment - the cocoon - as it makes it more cosy for the baby. You could get one second hand off Ebay for cheaper too.

BikeRunSki Sun 07-Aug-11 16:10:22

I have had a P&T Sport as a single for 2 years. Love it. Have bought extra seat and cocoon, for new baby due in October. Very easy to push, great off road. Narrow enough to navigate around shops easily too. Highly recommended. I don't think the Sport is made any more, has been replaced by the Explorer.

LyraBelaqua Mon 08-Aug-11 21:09:45

I have a P & T Vibe bought it second hand off Ebay. I currently use it for my 20 mo and my 16 mo niece. Both love the back seat which really suprised me. Also look amazingly comfy and relaxed in top seat. Having DC2 in Oct which I'm hoping it is just as good for. Only complaint is its heavy to lift in and out of car, but that could be because I'm tired and pregnant. It's a dream to push. There are loads of really good deals on sites like Ebay which can save you a couple of hundred smile

carpetlover Mon 08-Aug-11 21:19:09

Yes and I loved it. It was still fairly new out when we got ours and lots of people were aghast at the newborn lying in the back but the flat newborn bit actually sways nicely and sends them to sleep. Though I'd second the cocoon for the newborn but also the cosytoes for your toddler up front as this was very warm and snug for my 19mth old.

You don't need another seat. The seat that sits up front when you have the back in newborn phase, unclips and clips back on behind after you have zipped up your newborn 'hammock' to create the front seat if that makes sense? IMO it is actually even better in two toddler format.

Just another point; they say the older child should sit up front for weight distribution (when in 2 toddler mode) However, I always had mine the other way around as my 8mth old wanted to look at evertything and my toddler wanted to get in and out at random which they can from the back seat. He could then just walk until he was tired then hop in.

Pelvicflooragogo Mon 08-Aug-11 21:20:52

Mine is 18mth gap - def get P+T - have never regretted mine. If elder one walking more (DS 3 DD 18mths now) younger goes on top. Someone will be able to lend you the cocoon, ask around, as it doesn't last them for long - I put mine upright around 3mths. Have also not really used the burka (sunshade) much. It is heavy but very manoeuvrable. Needed to pump up the tyres and repair one puncture but that's all in three years.

carpetlover Mon 08-Aug-11 21:22:26

Oh just to add that side by side is fine for twins but IMO and IME its a bad idea when your kids are different ages due to the different weight on each side. I have borrowed a friends when we stayed with them and I found it really difficult to maintain balance due to my toddler being so much heavier. However, this wasn't a 3 wheeler so maybe a double with just one front wheel would suffer less from that.

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