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Things to entertain 18 month old when twins born - what did you find worked?

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Arabella36 Sun 07-Aug-11 09:54:53

She likes sticker books so I've stocked up on those, but what else is good for this age group in terms of things they can play with on their own for a while? And are there's any DVDs which would appeal to her at this age, or too young? Am also wondering what I could give her as a "present" from the new babies - what goes down well with this age?

The twins are arriving soon , at 33 weeks so am frantically trying to get even a little bit organised! I'm worried that their arrival will be a difficult time for her

Thanks very much for any much needed advicesmile

downpipe Sun 07-Aug-11 15:47:15

DC1 is a DS and my second was just a DS,not twins,but the age gap was the same.Firstly,don't expect much from DD1..DS1 was terribly jealous and 19 weeks later,still is,although the scratching is improving!I resorted to cbeebies whilst doing stuff with DS2,esp BF,and still do.He also likes Peppa Pig DVDs(£3 from Asda).The stories are well thought out so make me feel less guilty!Also he likes toy tea set ( get her to "make" tea for you & babies).Try and spend quality time just with DD eg reading a book with her on your lap.Will be hard with twins but HV pointed out babies don't notice your attention but toddlers really need it.Didn't bother with"present from the baby",DS1 was too young to understand but depends on how well your DD is talking etc.Get her to help ;DS carries nappies to the bin etc. would say to expect some reaction but it could be anything.Many of my friends have babies that loved having new siblings but sadly mine did not!Small age gap will hopefully mean best friends in a year or so though.Good luck!x

downpipe Sun 07-Aug-11 16:20:56

Also bought a nice book called "I like it when.."by Mary Murphy it's v simple but about stuff you only do with a toddler ,not a baby,so will be nice to read with DD

Arabella36 Mon 08-Aug-11 10:59:03

Thanks very much down pipe, I'll try your suggestions. And best of luck for more cordial relations between your two in the future!

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