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How do you go about trimming toddlers nails?

(17 Posts)
Mummystootired Sat 06-Aug-11 19:46:33

Sometimes I have to wait till she falls asleep cause she doesn't stay still for long.
Just wondered how other people go about it?

cheerypip Sat 06-Aug-11 19:50:46

For fingernails, I get her on my lap and sing Ten Green Bottles. I usually get through 10 fingers before the end of the song! And I try to carry on singing calmly ignoring whatever squealing and wriggling is going on.

Toenails are a whole different ball game though: the girl can sure kick! Would love some top tips for doing those ......

Cattleprod Sat 06-Aug-11 19:53:21

Mine must be unusual, he loves having his nails cut. He'll fetch the clippers from the drawer and ask me to cut them for him!

flowery Sat 06-Aug-11 19:54:03

Put the telly on. Toddler on lap. For toenails I do it when he's in his highchair.

MrsKitty Sat 06-Aug-11 19:54:47

In the dark, about 30 minutes after they've fallen asleep for the night (they're never reliably asleep enough during daytime naps!)

naturalbaby Sat 06-Aug-11 19:54:59

My boys are v.strange and love me doing it! they were fascinated watching me with the clippers so then i asked if they wanted me to do it to them, now i have to hide them away otherwise we'd be clipping nails every other day. we just mess around and talk in silly voices and i tell them i need to do it to stop their nails getting too long (like the gruffalo with terrible claws)

notcitrus Sat 06-Aug-11 20:22:37

I do it with him on my lap, with adult toenail clippers. I used to only get to do four or so before he'd escape, but now I put him on my lap in front of the telly and press Pause if he doesn't let me get on with it... I did all 20 yesterday!

I did sometimes do it outside nursery while he was still strapped into the pushchair - the desire to run in and play meant he didn't fight too much!

imabiggirlnow Sat 06-Aug-11 20:24:29

Whilst strapped in the carseat....

olibeansmummy Sat 06-Aug-11 20:25:46

Ds loves having his nails cut too smile I have to search for ones long enough to cut lol

Rhian82 Sat 06-Aug-11 20:27:46

At the moment he's going through a 'liking it' phase, but when he's not I do it when he's asleep.

squiggleywiggler Sat 06-Aug-11 20:30:36

I need to do it when DD is asleep (she screams and thrashes otherwise) but have never had the courage to try as afraid of waking her cup.

Thus she has terrifyingly long nails blush

Tigresswoods Sat 06-Aug-11 21:46:59


Mummystootired Sat 06-Aug-11 22:56:45

Thanks everyone

Taila Sun 07-Aug-11 00:05:35

When my daughter seems to be having alittle bit of chill time I just sit down next to her where she can see me and start cutting my nails then paint them. By the time I get to my toes she is practically on top of me asking me to do hers. I make no big deal of it, dont draw any attention to what Im doing, I just make sure Im where she can see me doing it.

I do occasionally just sort of off hand ask 'do you want mommy to do your nails?' and if she says 'yes' then I say ok but we need to cut them first to make them pretty.

If she says no, then I make sure I show off my new stylish fingernails and toe nails to her 'look how pretty mommys nails look' or 'Daddy look! I did my nails dont they look beautiful?'

I bribe him with chocolate. blush

Fingers he will just about let me do now, although I generally have to have the TV on to distract. Toes are a nightmare.

Parietal Sun 07-Aug-11 01:01:29

After bath dd gets ceebeebees on inlayer as a treat when I do nails. On other days there is no evening tv. I use v sharp adult nail clippers. Cheap nail clippers always seem blunt and are hopeless.

p99gmb Sun 07-Aug-11 14:00:02

in the bath... nice & soft

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