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Weaning DS off dummy

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emee Thu 04-Aug-11 13:22:32

Hi, we are trying to wean our DS (almost 2yrs) from his dummy.

Does anyone have any tricks/suggestions, especially at night when he is at his clingiest (is that a word?)

Would be incredibly grateful. Running out of ideas.........hope....sleep smile

coffeewhitenosugar Thu 04-Aug-11 21:15:03

Hi, I know exactly how you feel, we used to have dummies for dd and were always losing them, so one night when I couldn't find any I told her they had gone away and as she was such a big clever girl (she was about 2) now she would be fine without them. She was fine with it (ish!) and after a couple of nights didn't even miss them. When the missing dummies reappeared (in the strangest places) they were quickly thrown away and we haven't looked back since. Prior to this I had kept telling her that when she was 3 she couldnt have dummies any more so I guess she knew it would happen one day and it just happened sooner than expected! I hope things go just as well for you.

poopoopydoo Mon 15-Aug-11 23:55:42

We also had similar trouble with dd. So, we made a big deal out of 'oh look, it's (insert appropriate day here) and thats the day the fairies come for the big girl's old dummies to give to the new babies who've just been born!'

we found a little basket, put all the dummies in and went outside just before bedtime and left them in the garden. DD was well up for that bit as I let her shout up to the sky for the fairies to come get the dummies.

She struggled a bit that night but had it clear in her mind what had happened. Next morning she found the basket but instead of dummies she had a thank you note from said dummy fairy and a little teddy to snuggle with at bedtime.

That nailed it. She only mentioned it briefly after that but I think the important thing for her was that it made sense to her iyswim and we were relaxed (on the outside) and matter of fact about it so she couldn't feed of the anxiety.

HTH and good luck x

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