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social services question

(4 Posts)
puddleofpiddle Thu 04-Aug-11 12:05:22

Just over a week ago I received a letter from social services saying an anonymous complaint had been made of verbal/emotional abuse. I was shocked and confused as it didn't sound like our family. The letter said no further action would be taken but it would be noted on our file.
I spoke to a social worker and very quickly established it couldn't be our family as the ages of the children didn't match. Today I received a follow up letter stating the contents of our conversation, recorded accurately.
I'm just concerned that my dc have files. Do all children have files with SS? I thought the fact that it was a completely inaccurate report would mean that was the end of it and I'm not happy that they have files on my dc solely because of this anonymous complaint. I'm a bit suspicious because when I spoke to the social worker, after it became apparent that it wasn't us, the social worker continued to ask questions about whether I abuse my children and I didn't get the impression I was believed.
I'm still really jumbled up about the whole experience and don't know whether to just leave it alone now or what to do about my children's files...

puddleofpiddle Thu 04-Aug-11 16:45:04

bump before I go to work!

Selks Thu 04-Aug-11 17:29:18

No, not all children have files with social services...only children that have been referred to them or that they are involved with.
They will still need to retain a record of this even though it is in error, but really all their record will show is that you were contacted, it was established that it was an error and it will contain the letter confirming it was an error.
As long as you are happy that it has been recorded that it was all in error then I wouldn't worry about it. It does not mean that there is anything 'against' you or that it is a 'black mark' against your family or anything and it is "the end of it".....but if you are still concerned phone the social services department back and request to speak to the team manager about it.

puddleofpiddle Sun 07-Aug-11 21:20:55

thanks selks, feeling a bit clearer about the whole thing now a few days have passed...

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