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Stomach and headaches in a 9 year old

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bluesgal Tue 02-Aug-11 11:01:17

Any advice please? My normally healthy 9 year old son seems to be having loads of headaches and stomach aches. They started a week or so before the end of term and as he was being teased by some 'friends' we thought that was the cause. BUT they havent stopped over the holidays. We've been to the Doc who asked us to keep a diary of them and we're due back at the end of August.
He says there is nothing worrying him and I cant think of anything.
Any advice on how I should react please? I find if I 'feed' into them it seems to make it worse but I hate the idea of not reacting when he gets upset iyswim.
Help please

willali Tue 02-Aug-11 12:24:22

have you considered whether this is a sign of migraine? My DS suffered from these for a long time and they did manifest in a headache and stomach issues (vomiting) but this was over a defined period of time and not "general" IYSWIM. Maybe your diary will highlight if this might be somethig to look at

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