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anyone been sterilsed during c-section?

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RFCMummy Mon 01-Aug-11 07:09:21

I am due dc4 in jan which will be my 4th c-section. I would like to get sterilsed this time and know they can do it during a c-section but have read some real horror stories on the net! There seems to be issues like massive weight gain, ovarian cysts, heavy and painful periods to name but a few.

Was just wondering if anyone has had this done and how it has turned out for u.

Any advice gratefully received!

X x

twolittlekittens Mon 01-Aug-11 07:25:54

My sister had it done when she delivered DC 7 and 8. They were they first twins she had managed to carry to the end and the first CS she had.
She had tubal ligation and all was fine. No weight gain or cysts. She had asked for a hysterectomy with ovary conservation, but the consultant said she may want more children.
12 years later she had a hysterectomy with conservation of ovaries for ridiculously heavy periods.

faverolles Mon 01-Aug-11 07:29:20

I was offered it (with my 3rd and 4th CS). I chose not to because it has a higher failure rate than if done once you/your body has recovered. I wouldn't feel confidant that it was reliable, so I decided not to have it done.

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