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how to stay sane during hols with 5,4 year old and 35weeks pregnant?

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jimmijam Sun 31-Jul-11 17:22:05

Advice please. Im shattered, achey etc and even taking them out 4 a bit each day, once we get home theyre driving me potty! Activities such as painting, baking, drawing each day 2 but as soon as the activity is over theyre running about chasing each other, throwing things... Argh!

Riveninside Sun 31-Jul-11 17:23:29

Cant they play alone? My mum never did this constant entertainment parenting and nor did i. Do you have a garden? Chuck them in it and ignore them.

addressbook Sun 31-Jul-11 18:49:22

Ah Riveninside, your words are music to my ears. I love my kids and yes sometimes I do sit down and talk to them/entertain them but like you said 'constant entertainment parenting' I cannot do.

My MIL drives me potty because she will actually interupt perfectly good, independent play or keep getting out more and more toys because she seems to have an anxiety about ignoring them even for a minute (although she is granny so I bite my tounge, and generally not a bad MIL!)

OP I feel for you. Being that pregnant is not fun sometimes. I may get flamed for this but the odd pyjama day with a DVD and popcorn for when you are really tired will not hurt them. You are about to give birth and allowed to cut yourself some slack. Can anyone help out?

Sometimes I just put all my sofa cushions on the floor and let them bounce, pretend they are on a boat. Make a den? That keeps mine entertained for a while. I have a sandpit which never kept them entertained for that long but a neighbour's kid filled it with water (on top of the sand). Initially I was a bit cross but mine have spent hours making muddy, sand pies with lots of role play.

Play parks? Where you can sit with a takeaway cuppa or flask whilst they play.

jimmijam Sun 31-Jul-11 20:38:19

I am usually a lazy mum and let them play by themselves. This was fine for a few days but a couple of days ago their play turned a bit boystrous, which to a point is fine but not when the result is that they keep hurting each other or breaking things :-( hence my effort at entertainment. We have alarge garden but havent seen much sun for a few days and they havent wanted 2 spend 2 long out there. We also live near a beach, 2 b fair i should take them there more often

Babieseverywhere Mon 01-Aug-11 22:13:41

What about a bit of children swapping. Invite a friends child(ren) over for a play date. I find my three argue less (well the older two) and play better with another child or two in the mix. Plus your friend is likely to ask them back another day and you might end up with a few child free hours to sleep nest in.

Or just ask directly for family/friends to give you a break. I offered to look after my friends child this week as mum is heavily pregnant and she only has one child to look after, it is so tiring looking after two whilst being pregnant. I did it last year myself and I was so pleased when the kids broke for summer when I was 36 week more school runs smile

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