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Home Alone?

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Mummywheel Fri 29-Jul-11 16:25:51

My parents currently take care of my two DS's for four hours once a week when I work and before DH gets home from work. DS1 is 15 and DS2 is almost 12. My parents are due to attend a wedding shortly and DH and I are unable to get time off work. DH are discussing the option of leaving DS's at home alone. Both get on well and have said they would be more than happy with this. I would have no problem leaving DS1 but can't help but feel a little apprehensive. Do any other MN's do this? Am I being overprotective?

bruffin Fri 29-Jul-11 16:35:58

I have a 13 and 15 year old and leave them now all the time. Up until last summer I was a few minutes away, but now we have moved offices so a train ride away.

They are old enough to go out and about by themselves (DS 15 went to Camden yesterday with friends) so I don't really think they need looking after at home.

My DD is 13 and very sensible most of the time.
Thankfully they do get along well and we very rarely have arguments.

It's not everyday as I work 3 days a week and DH works from home 1 day so they are probably left by themselves 2 days a week.

Has your DS2 started secondary yet?

Mummywheel Fri 29-Jul-11 16:39:21

DS2 starts secondary school this September and is fairly mature for his age.

Shinyshoes1 Fri 29-Jul-11 16:39:35

sounds fine to me.

Personally I wouldn't leave mine together as they don't get on but if they did I would

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