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Never a moments peace!

(3 Posts)
WhoseGotMyEyebrows Fri 29-Jul-11 09:56:39

I'm so mad! I have too dcs 3 & 5. I got them dressed and myself washed and dressed, then swept and mopped the kitchen floor. Tidied up a bit etc. I have a huge food shop coming in a minute so for the time in between I wanted to sit and read the paper and have a cup of tea. This hardly ever happens!

The kids were both busy playing various things so I went and sat down. Next thing I know they are sitting either side of me so closely that I couldn't even turn the page of the newspaper. It was quite sweet really as they were asking questions about the adverts in the paper. After a while though I told them to leave me to read my paper and go back to what they were doing. They didn't want to so I told them to at least give me some space and move up. The 3yo was whining for a dvd to be put on (and was doing the fake cry thing) which I can't find and then for biscuits. We don't have any biscuits they like at the moment so I told them they could have some when the shopping came.

I know it sounds mean but I just wanted 10 mins peace before the shopping came. Is that really too much to ask of them?

The whining just continuued and they wouldn't stop asking me questions and insisting I turn the page of the newspaper and my 5yo kept shoving things in my face to show me. You know when they show you things about 2mm from your eyeballs. It makes me feel perculiar to have things suddenly so close to my face, as it does to have my personal space invaded. I need my space! I am a very affectionate mum but there are times when I need my space!!!!

So anyway the whining for the biscuits continuued as did my 5yo going on and on about something she can do with her fingers. I was trying to read!

I said my 3yo could have a biscuit we have in the cupboard but last time they didn't like them, licked them and just left them. 3yo said yes though. Asked 5yo and she said no. So I moved my tea, put newspaper down on the floor, unentangled myself from the children and went and got the 3yo a biscuit. Came back, got my tea, sat down, picked up newspaper, got comfy and then 5yo says, I changed my mind I want a biscuit.

I nearly exploded! It tipped me over the edge (slightly over the top I know). Cue loads of shouting about how they should give me space and leave me alone when I ask them too and now I have sent them upstairs.

Summer holidays are so intense that I need that bit of space occassionally. There is no one to take them off my hands at all, all summer. I have even been going running when my DP gets in from work twice a week (only started this week) but he keeps pulling this "I'm so tired" face. I am sure he is but fucking hell I need some peace! I am only gone 45 mins, that's not too much to ask is it?

jenrendo Fri 29-Jul-11 10:02:50

I hear you! My DS is only 9 months old but sometimes I put him down for a nap just so I can sit down for 10 mins with a cuppa, even though I know he's not quite tired enough! DH works away a lot and we have no family around, all my friends work, so I have him pretty much all the time. He is so cute and I love him so much, but when I buy Grazia, I would just LOVE to sit down and leaf through it without interruption! He's at the stage where he always wants to be standing up and all over the place. If he's in bed, the dog is sitting with his chin on my knee looking pathetic and neglected. I feel your pain!!

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Fri 29-Jul-11 10:16:01

jenrendo Oh yeah the under 1 stage! I almost forgot about that. grin I would say that it's easier now but I really don't know if it is. They are more independent and can amuse themselves for a while but they also never sleep (well rarely) in the day. So I suppose easier in some ways but harder in others. Oh and they argue with me about everything now and assert themselves!

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