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11 year old with anger issues

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TheMoominator Thu 28-Jul-11 20:08:43

We've had a couple of issues over the last six months or so, where my ds loses his temper, and results in a violent episode. The first time it was kicking a bin in the kitchen, but we've had two attacks on his sister, once kicking her bottom really hard, and the second pushing her off a chair.

She's no angel and I'm sure she probably antagonised him, but I'm worried that he can't control his temper and needs help finding solutions to keeping his anger in check.

I read that they get the behaviour from those around, but we're not a violent family and don't smack the kids, nor do we watch violent movies etc..

Any advice on how we can proceed with this would be gratefully appreciated, for all our sakes!

TheMoominator Thu 28-Jul-11 20:11:40

I should add he does it when he thinks we're not watching - luckily (for me, not him) I saw him in the reflection in the mirror, and the second I turned round at the right time......!

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