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15mo lunches

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desperatelyseekingsolutions Tue 26-Jul-11 10:19:55

Posted yesterday about my ds stroppy behaviour. So yesterday he refused to eat his lunch (pasta and tuna). So, as a result I took it away and made him the wait (bar drinks obviously) until dinner time. Not sure how others (or I) feel about this strategy as I did feel cruel but there were few alternatives in the fridge and I wasn't going out specially. It worked as he did eat all his dinner - no fussing.
Anyway, I was wondering how many of you cook a hot lunch and dinner every day or am I making life difficult (I do cook batches and freeze but am binning 50% at the moment due to his refusal to eat). What do you give your dc for lunch. Should I be making cold options? DS hates eggs and cold cheese. Any suggestions/ comments would be very helpful.

Athrawes Tue 26-Jul-11 10:25:25

Lunch is sandwiches or veggie muffins, fruit and crackers when DS is at nursery. Maybe pancakes, again with veggies and cheese/meat smuggled in, if we are at home. Hot breakfast (porridge) and dinner.

mistressploppy Tue 26-Jul-11 12:47:40

I try never to 'cook' at lunchtime as I'm too lazy busy. I sometimes make scrambled egg though.

So DS (21mo) eats:

sandwiches and wraps - cheese, ham, peanut butter
pitta and houmous
cheese on toast
muffins or crumpets
salady bits (cucumber and tomato)
soup with bread dunked in it
cold cooked salmon
cold chicken (any leftovers really)

I find variety works best at lunchtime as it's his 'worst' meal of the day, ie for not eating a great deal.

megkat Tue 26-Jul-11 21:25:46

Mine used to love toast, sausages and tomatoes all cut up into chunks - maybe with some cheese thrown in too. The a good fromage frais for pud. They never would eat too much though, maybe a slice of toast, 1/2 a sausage and just a few chunks of the others at one sitting (but my memory may be failing me, it feels like a long time ago now!)

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