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Meandmyjoe wanting tips on having a 4 yr old and a baby!

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BigBoyJoe Tue 26-Jul-11 09:14:25

Hi everyone, not been on here for ages. Had to change my nickname as I forgot my login details but I was formerly meandmyjoe if anyone around here still remembers me from around 3 yrs ago then feel free to say hello! Made a lot of friends on here and had some great advice. SO thank you to all those who listened to my endless ramblings.

Anyway, after a nightmare babyhood ds is now nearly 4 and just about the sweetest thing on the planet (usually!).... and after swearing NEVER again, me and dh are expecting baby number 2 in December! smile

I'm sure there are lots of threads already on this but just wondered if anyone had any tips or advice on going from one to two children? What's it like? Is it as hard as I am imagining?! Also what's a 4 yr age gao like? I am inmagining it to be a lot like having 2 only children really as ds will be at school full time in September. I think it could be quite tricky to balance both of their needs. Will they ever be preers or is the age gap too big for that? I suppose it's largely due to personalities too. Just wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom or stories to share of how you coped.

Thank you. Meandmyjoe x

BigBoyJoe Tue 26-Jul-11 09:15:48

sorry typos. In three yrs I still haven't learned to proofread!

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