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My just 3 year old out of control

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heathermumof3 Mon 25-Jul-11 23:01:57

My DS turned 3 last week and is out of control. He has been like this for the past 8 months. I have tried every thing. The naughty step where he asks me if he can go back on. I have tried speaking carmly & firmly. Also tried screaming & shouting. Behaviour charts is my next venture with him.
I have two other children my DS who is eight who gets the brunt of my toddlers raft. He hits him kicks him calls him names. I do feel sorry for my oldest as he just seems to put up with it. My youngest is my DD who is 18 month my toddler pushes her grabs her. He is so nasty and when he gets told of he just laughs and carrys on. Most of the time he is good with other children. Me and my husband are at our wits end. One minute he is good as gold her his little curls and big blue eyes but the next he is like the devil. I love him soo much but he is ruthless. My oldest was never like this. So any tips help or medication for me you could advise off.

SenoritaViva Tue 26-Jul-11 14:20:51

Is he getting enough exercise?
Have you tried rewards? E.g. he gets a sticker for being good and if he gets enough (decide on an amount dependent on the prize, let him choose and have him understand that a Ben 10 figure will need less stickers than say a new bike!) He should get a possible sticker each day for good behaviour. Once it has been awarded (at the end of the day) then it can't be taken away.

Have you also tried removing things he loves (a favourite toy) if bad and then only gaining it back with good behaviour?

Hopefully someone will come along with some better suggestions.

piprabbit Tue 26-Jul-11 14:26:53

First - ignore your DS as much as possible, lavish your attention upon the child he has hurt.
Also, try taking toys away when he misbehaves.

My DS hits his DSis and finds the naughty step funny. But he really doesn't like having toys taken away. Any toy used for hitting/throwing is removed instantly - no warning. If he is hitting with his hands or kicking, then I warn him twice and each time tell him which toy I plan to remove. Third time, the toy goes.

Toys are returned the following day when he is calm and behaving nicely - lots of praise of the good behaviour and he is told that I am so pleased he can have the toy back.

His behaviour has improved a lot - so something is changing.

heathermumof3 Tue 26-Jul-11 21:34:45

Thank you for your comments. My DS seems ti be a different child today since I introduced the star chart. Let's just hope it's stays like this.

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