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DS 3yrs 10mths...His constantly whinging and wanting is driving me mad!

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cupcake78 Mon 25-Jul-11 19:37:05

Basically as above. DS is forever wanting if we ask him to wait he has a fit/tantrum and he doesnt seem able to play on his own for 5 minutes.

TBH he's driving me nuts to the point that the days I have on my own with him (tomorrow) I dread and dont enjoy because I know he's going to be one big headache. He is an only child and I dont think this helps. He doesn't carry on like this at nursery apparently he's happy to play with his friends or on his own.

How do I handle it?

cupcake78 Tue 26-Jul-11 09:52:10

No one? DH has been at work since 7am and ds is on the naughty step for the 3rd time this morning for throwing toys, repeatedly wiping his nose on my clothes and now refusing to get dressed when I have to go out.....

I really do need some advice on this one

pipkin35 Tue 26-Jul-11 10:11:36

Only sympathy to offer. DS is 3.7 and can't/won't play alone for long either. And at the mo seems to just ask for food constantly! I posted on here and some advice was to play with them for increasing minutes before going to do something (washing up or whatever) and then keep coming back a bit when I do it.

My only suggestion would be for today to avoid naughty step etc.. - could you be out and about with him as much as possible - for him - park, soft play, cinema trip...scooter/bike activity - burn off as much energy as poss....can you leave anything (everything?!) you need to do til the evening/nap time if he has one?

Sorry can't think of anything else!

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