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Help!!! my DD2yo, is so so clingy

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welshbyrd Sun 24-Jul-11 08:56:34

Its been going for a few months, the last months or so, she has stepped it up a gear.

I regularly take her to my sisters, who has four DCs, they have a lovely park by there house, so we visit daily.

When we leave the house and get in car, she is so excited shouting my niece and nephews names, I get her out of the car seat and she is running to the door again excited, the minute the door is opened, she stops, starts whinging and insists on me pick her up, I try not to but then it becomes a major tantrum.
Then for the next hour she wont leave my lap, sometimes, she does eventually get down and play a little, but come back and for to me, other days though, she will not move from my lap. Her arms are cwtched around me, and she is gently tapping my neck, smoothing me, and generally being very affectionate

Shops, home, everywhere is the same
We went to a fun fair last week, she spotted a mickey mouse bouncy castle[with roof] she ran straight for it,took her shoes off, we paid the man, she climbed up, the man opened the slit for her to get in, the minute he did that she run straight back to me, crying sad
She got on the swings, all excited, until the man put the chain across her lap before the ride started. Again she screamed, and got off.

She is great with her siblings [ DD13yo,DS8yo] and great with my DH. But even with them, she still ends up running back me every 5-10 mins for a cuddle

She woke in the night last, DH put her in the middle of the bed between us[not something we normally do, DH had been up since 5am for work, and I had had a long day, DS had been taken to a+e with a bang to his head]
Anyway, I have as little as 2 hours sleep, DD has been a nightmare, she has been cwtching me, stroking me head, kissing my head, putting her arm under my head etc, dropping of to sleep, every 30 mins or so she has woken up realized she has been moved across the bed a bit, giving me space, then spent the next 20 mins again hugging, smoothing me etc, saying "are you alright mum?" confused
I hope im not coming across like a horrid mum here, me and my dd are extremely close, and her hugs are lovely, just recently, ive almost felt smothered, and its clear she is losing her social skills
Any advice would be gratefully received

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