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kiwidreamer Wed 20-Jul-11 15:37:34

DS 3yrs has just started spitting at DH and I, well its more of a ill intentioned raspberry than full on hoiking, how do we nip it in the bud?? DS is having quite a bit of trouble adjusting to new baby sister (8wks) so we have all the regular crappy 3yr old stuff plus a healthy dose of jealousy/sibling rivalry type stuff going on. The spitting is totally unacceptable of course, however I dont want to overreact and make into another way to get negative attention, ignoring it doesnt seem right, we use Time Out so was thinking every single time the raspberry comes out he goes straight to Time Out for his 3mins with the statement spitting is not nice we do not spit at people.

While I'm here... DS also just emptied a sports bottle of water all over the sofa, on purpose, while I was peeling the potatoes for dinner and came to show off his wet shorts all smirky and proud of himself. I put him out in the garden and told him how upset this made me. He then started throwing his garden furniture at the window. Time Out feels so ineffectual at the moment, we have brought a timer and will change where he sits and be really firm about 3mins no moving from spot extra minute for moving.

Now he's throwing dirt at the window, what the fuck am I supposed to do, I dont want to shout at him constantly but things are really getting out of hand and there is far too much shouting going on. Ive tried giving him extra attention when DD is napping, including him in tasks relating to her, extra praise etc but he's just not interested and its getting worse as he's getting more physically rough with her now.


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