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Daughter (5.5 yrs old) coming home from reception class with scratches on her neck

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marytheresa Mon 18-Jul-11 21:50:19


I've picked my daughter up from school a few times, to find that her hair has been messed up big time. She has afro/european mix hair. So I tie it in a bunch at the top of her head to keep it tidy. The other day, her hair at the front was in a big quiff aka Jedward style. Part of me thought it was funny but another part of me was really annoyed, as I thought she was a figure of fun to some kids. She told me that a particular girl in her class was doing this. I mentioned it to the teaching assistant today, and said she would mention it to the teacher.

But tonight I noticed scratch marks on her neck. She told me that the girl who had messed up her hair had chased her and grabbed her. I was really worried, and this is why I'm posting this for a bit of advice. My DH is out at the moment and I'll discuss it with him when he get back. I've took pics of her neck.

Part of me is worried that the 1. The school is not going to do anything about it, and that the girl is question is going to continue to do this.
2. My little girl is doing well as school so far (she is in the top tier according to her teacher), and that this is going to affect her in the future.

According to my daughter she isn't the only one who is being pushed around. I don't think the little girl is being mean. Maybe just heavy-handed. My daughter is on the peptite side and the girl in question is on the opposite end of the size scale. So maybe she sees her as a little sister. This is what I'm hoping.

I know that the girl is question started the school half-way through the year, and have questions about why. Did she have some behavioural problems at previous school? I suppose I will not be allowed this information.

Just looking for some advice, Cheers!

Makingchanges Mon 18-Jul-11 21:56:13

I wouldn't concern yourself with why she started halfway through the year - the school will not tell you this as you know.

I would mention it to the teacher. My daughter is the same age and we had problems with a boy in her class and the way he was with her. I mentioned my concerns with the teacher and asked her to keep an eye on the situation. It did right itself in the end but I know Iwasn't the only parent to raise concerns.

marytheresa Mon 18-Jul-11 22:43:07

Hi Makingchanges

Thanks for the advice. Good to hear from someone who has had a similar experience. I will mention it to the teacher tomorrow.

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