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So after nearly 5 years of ds bieng at school, a mum just commented that

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mrsnesbit Mon 18-Jul-11 16:06:08

"you have your hands full with your little one dont you"? i?

"yes, with your ds in school and your little one with you too".

So puzzled i said that no i only have the one and that is ds....

She said:

"Oh, did you not fancy another one then?"

I REALLY should make an effort to talk to other people and attempt some form of socialiastion. Thats sad isnt it!

ElbowFan Mon 18-Jul-11 19:14:13

WHY sad?
If you do what you want to do and don't feel the need to make bosom buddies of playground mums, where is the problem?
Enjoy your life - all too often all the mums want to do is boast about their Ds anyway!

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