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Baby and toddler sharing a bedroom?

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downpipe Sun 17-Jul-11 21:35:13

DS1 is in a cot in his own room, DS2 is in a cot in our room but will be moving him out in 8 weeks.I'd always planned to put them in the same room but don't have to,although the other bedroom is on a different floor and would mean moving furniture, 2 alarms etc.DS1 will need a bed soon but this would mean he would be mobile and I'm worried he could do something like drop a train on the baby's head if they were in the same room.Anyone else put 2 DCs in together at this age and were there any problems?Would you do it if you had the choice not to?

downpipe Sun 17-Jul-11 21:36:39

Sorry, forgot to say age gap is nearly 19 months, DS1 is 22months, DS2 4 months

plantsitter Sun 17-Jul-11 21:39:45

Not sure how old yours are but we have recently put DD2 (7mo) in with dd1(2.5) and it has been fine with the together. However DD1 is still in a cot - we did briefly try her in a bed but it was a fricking nightmare and after 2 nights we put her back in the cot. I won't be revisiting that one until I absolutely have to!!

She wasn't harrassing DD2 though and that has been fine even though DD2 still wakes up at night. I think DD1 has appreciated the company in fact.

kellibabylove Mon 18-Jul-11 00:00:55

My girls started sharing a room when dd1 was 24 months and dd2 was 9 months, both still in cots at the time, dd1 went into a toddler bed shortly after, never had any problems other than them waking each other up. We have a spare bedroom on the same floor but wanted them to share a room & use the other as a playroom (where most of their toys were kept as I had the same worry as you)
They do appreciate the company and comfort that they are not on their own smile HTH x

LittlePushka Mon 18-Jul-11 00:13:44

17 mths between mine. Ds1 in cot bed and DS2 in cot in same room until DS2 was 3 and DS1 was 4 1/2. Worked fine, if one cried very rarely did the other waken. Elder did not climb into cot of younger until younger asked him to come and have a sleep over ! They never scrapped or lobbed missiles at each other.

Separation now works better because they go to bed at same time and they would keep on playing together till silly o'clock now that they are a bit older and wiser!!

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