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Tricky friendships dilemma

(3 Posts)
Orangeflower7 Sat 16-Jul-11 13:47:54

Hi can someone help me figure out how to deal with this situation please. I just want my son still to be able to be friends with his mate really. They are now six and have been friends since babies, I met his friend's mum and we became friends too. Since they have started school things have become a bit tricky between his mum and i however. I went on to have another child, she went back to work...however never got proper after school care sorted out (supposedly finishing at 3ish but always late) and seems to expect me to help out. It has come to a bit of a head lately as it is not easy to collect her boy with my toddler in tow, and I often get messages at the last minute saying shall she get her dp to finish early or can I get her son...then if i say no she won't arrange a more suitable time for them to play (it would be ideal if she could drop him round here really). Also she won't let her dp (ex) to arrange playdates with me as she wants that to be 'daddy' time. Just want the boys friendships to continue really. The situation seems to be getting in the way.

SandStorm Sat 16-Jul-11 13:59:51

I don't have much advice but surely what her dp decides to do with his daddy time is up to him - not her?

nonicknamemum Sun 17-Jul-11 15:30:26

I think you need to decide which is your priority out of (a) not being used as a free childminding service by your friend and (b) making sure your son gets to play with his friend outside school. It's not fair for your friend simply to assume that you will provide an after school childminding service and it would be fair enough for you to put a stop to that. However, if arranging playdates is not then your friend's priority, you just have to accept that.

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