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Driving children on a nursery trip.

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moomoo1 Wed 13-Jul-11 08:55:11

Not posted before but I would appreciate your opinion (not good at all the abbreviations so you will have to excuse me)
My son is going on a nursery trip locally, he is 3. The nursery have asked if any parents could drive taking other children with them and an additional adult. They said some children may not be able to go if other parents can't drive, so whilst I don't want a child to miss out equally I am unsure whether I should drive others children as I wouldn't be happy for my son to go in parents car I didn't know. I would be quite happy for them to go on a coach and pay for this. The other parent will give permission for me to drive them. Does anyone know where I would stand legally with this, would I be covered with a general car insurance? Thanks

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